How to submit pictures for the Nachamson photo albums

Most people, when they want to share photos, put them on one of the services, such as Sony Imagestation, etc. There are differences in each but I won't go into them here. For our purposes, they will all work just fine.

So, take you pictures and put them on one of these services. Then when you are done, SHARE the pictures from this service with me to the following email address

I will then take the link that you shared with me and post it here on the Nachamson home page.

That means.... all you have to do is remember and you can see ALL of the photo albums that each of us individually care to share. Pictures can be about 'anything' that you want to share and they can be from any place that you store pictures.

Need some help, call Alan at 727-647-2001 or email me at

OK. Let the picture albums roll forth.